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A healthy Attic means a healthy house.

M&H is here to serve you to make sure your Attic space and roof will be in perfect condition, using the famous pink insulation of Owens Corning company.

Many people, when they experience extreme heat in their house during the summer or extreme cold during the winter, start to ask themselves if it has something to do with their existing attic insulation. Damaged insulation in the Attic, most of the time, would be caused by an active leak or a previous leak that wasn’t caught in time. Some houses may not be insulated properly in the first place, and it leads to serious consequences that can take your house in the wrong direction.

Overall, it is reported that most single houses in the United States are not properly insulated, which cause several factors: lack of energy efficiency, accumulation of mold in the attic space (especially on plywood), and not meeting code recommendations.

We recommend checking your Attic at least once a year, not only to check the health of the insulation itself but also to check the condition of the inner plywood inside your Attic.

Contact us today for a free Attic inspection. A 35-minute inspection can save you a lot of energy and problems later.

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